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Now you can post thoughts and ideas to the Board and other co-owners by logging into Facebook and search for 'Lynn Terrace Association'. You can also email the Board at


There was some concern that the insurance premium would go up substantially with the claim filed for the loss of the camera security system.  While there was some increase as is normal with insurance, no wild number has materialized.


Remember to assist with salt and shoveling the entrance ways this winter.  Let us know if any of the snow markers are found missing or on the ground.  We want to do what we can to keep the yard and landscaping from being damaged by plowing.  Our plow contractor put these in at our request and is making every effort to avoid damage.  Your help is appreciated.

Bob Hencken, Association attorney

As a matter of personal interest, the Association attorney, Bob Hencken, recently underwent emergency surgery for a heart condition.  He is recovering and well and we expect him to return with no less good advice for your association.

Winter Newsletter

With the advent of a new year, some changes are inevitable.  But this year, few will be noticeable.  Many of the kinks and bumps have been worked out and things seem to be under much better control than a year ago.  The staff at HMS is trying to anticipate problems before they develop and address them.  But we need your help.

The new board is committed to undertaking some new efforts that will continue to make life better for the Co-owners of Lynn Terrace as well as make the operations more cost effective.  These include an effort to streamline the accounting function on the operational side, improve security for the entire association and develop plans to study the rules promulgated from the bylaws aimed at the enrichment of life at Lynn Terrace.  In addition, the board was concerned that the wrong information about the association condition was circulating and wanted the record set straight.

Just so you know...

Entrance Door Locks

You have probably received a letter letting you know that the locks are about to be changed.  The board decided it was time to install new locks since the old ones had lived their life.  Changed the lock sets presented an opportunity to improve security at the same time.   The keys are not readily available at most outlets.  Originally, we expected local locksmiths to be able to make keys for you.  That turns out NOT to be the case.  Instead, we have blanks at the office and can make them for you.  All you need to do is call ahead.  We have one for each unit.  The cost of additional keys is $3 ea.  In addition, the building will be mastered and those that are entitled to have access to all will have just one key to carry.  Yet one further benefit is that all the keys that might have been out there in the hands of those who don’t need them are wiped away further improving security.
Co-owners who rent are asked to keep track of the keys they assign to their tenants.  We will do so if asked.  But there is no formal system otherwise.  It’s up to you to keep track.


If you attended the last board meeting, you know that the budget was passed with NO increase in dues.  Considerable money was put away for a new roof over the past year and additional funds will be added this year.  Capital items are identified.  Overall, your association is financially very healthy.


Two matters we’ve been working on in the past several months are the school parking and the flow of water down the street into our parking lot.
A letter was written to the school principal and notice given to the City Commission regarding the parking problem in the cul-de-sac.  It seems to have worked.  Fewer cars are reported parking there and blocking the entrance to our parking.
In October while there during a rain event, a great deal of water was observed flowing down the road into the parking lot causing a small lake to form.  We spoke to the City engineer.  While there is no money in the budget in 2012 to address this problem, he indicated there may be money to not only address this but restructure the curb and drainage and repave the road in 2013.  It’s on our calendar for the 3rd quarter of 2012 to remind him to put it in the budget.  We speculate that the parking lot drain might take all the water after that without a lake developing.

A reminder that through the efforts of one of your co-owner’s you are able to put bulk trash on the curb for monthly pickup.  Maps and instructions were posted on the pin boards, though some have disappeared.  Please advise if you see them missing and we’ll put them up again.