The list of subjects in the side bar contains some basics about 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges.  These are by no means exhaustive.  Anyone contemplating and exchange must consult with a professional called a Qualified Intermediary.  In addition, your CPA must be involved since the results of an intermediary’s work may be different from one person to the next depending on the specific circumstances.  Some of the information contained there is scant and only covers a small part of what is necessary and may not cover the best alternative for you.  For example, only one type of exchange is described.  However, there are several types. 

Much information is available on the web.  While the choices of intermediaries are abundant, the first time exchangor should pick someone close to them so you can meet personally and learn more about the process. 

Home Marketing Systems Inc. is not a Qualified Intermediary.   We do not conduct exchanges.  However, we market our portfolios to the exchange community and will direct parties interested in an exchange, as part of our service, to a trusted qualified intermediary.  Home Marketing Systems Inc. does provide marketing and management services on behalf of parties buying the portfolios we offer.  A more common form of ownership involves the sale and leaseback of property called a TIC (tenants-in-common).  The buyer leases back a portfolio to an entity like and LLC on a triple net basis and the entity is managed by our company, sending the investor its return on a monthly basis.  The portfolios offered by Home Marketing Systems Inc.,  may not be best suited for sale / leaseback araingements.  However,  a TIC create a very attractive and flexible relationship for those not interested in the confines of a partnership.   Buyers interested in more information on this alternative for our portfolios, should contact Mike@hmsys.com





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