Requirements for Exchange

A properly structured exchange is the transfer of property for property, thus deferring capital gain taxes. Any cash received, any reduction in mortgage or any other non-like-kind property received is considered "boot" and is taxable to the extent of the capital gain. To fully defer all capital gain taxes, an Exchanger must meet two requirements:

1   REINVEST ALL EXCHANGE PROCEEDS - If an Exchanger does not reinvest all exchange proceeds from the sale of the relinquished property, the balance received is considered "cash boot," and gain may be recognized on that amount.

2   ACQUIRE PROPERTY WITH THE SAME OR GREATER DEBT - If an Exchanger does not acquire a replacement property with an equal or greater amount of debt, he or she is relieved of a debt obligation, which is considered "mortgage boot." The IRS considers this reduction in debt a benefit to the Exchanger; therefore, it is taxable, unless it is offset by adding equivalent cash to the replacement property purchase.




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