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Cleaning Policy

Hickory Management Services prefers to pay incoming student tenants to clean the houses. We do this for three very good reasons.

  1. You earn some money.

  2. The incoming tenant gets the house cleaned to their satisfaction. This is the most important element to us because we cannot hire someone to clean as well as most people want. We did that for 20 years and it didn't work.

  3. The incoming tenant is more likely to get in sooner. This becomes very helpful when your former lease ends early and you have nowhere to go, or you want to maximize your time getting set up before school begins.

Hickory Management Services removes all the trash left behind by the former tenant. Sometimes we find items like a kitchen table which we leave until the incoming tenant tells us they don't want it. Otherwise the house is free of trash and debris as best as we can make it. We also attempt to do the maintenance that is required but inherent with early move ins is the lack of time to do everything. We ask that incoming tenants make a list of maintenance items and e-mail those to us via our on-line work order system. That way we can expedite the needed repairs quickly.

Finally, we have any carpet cleaned. All you should have to do is clean and set up house. Remember to set up utilities as soon as you can so you are not without. It is hard to clean without electric.

It is important for incoming tenants to recognize that sometimes, but not always, the houses are left quite dirty. This means you should always come equipped for the worst case scenario. A visit to the house prior to moving in can give you an idea.

Review the list of cleaning requirements below and e-mail us with questions you may have. Generally, you need a vacuum with a wand, mop, bucket, soaps (Murphy's Oil Soap if the house has wood floors), rags, sponges, window cleaner, paper towel, oven cleaner, toilet cleaner and brush. Rubber gloves are valuable.

When the work is done, fill out the work order given to you at move-in, sign it and turn it in. Someone will visit your house, see that we got something for our money and ok the invoice for payment. If the inspector identifies something that needs further attention, they will tell you and revisit the next day. You will get a check in the mail after accounting processes your bill. Remember to call with your number and e-mail so we can service you better.

The staff at HMS

Cleaning Checklist