HMS Hickory Management Services - a special services real estate company
image of Hickory Management Services company headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan

HMS Companies Inc.

A Special Services Real Estate Company

Home Marketing Systems Inc. offers a unique combination of regular residential, investment grade residential and occasional commercial investment opportunities. We also offer information for more serious investors including 1031 Exchanges and case studies to make informed decisions.

HMS is heavily involved with urban real estate. This is includes upscale apartments, remodeled homes, furnished M2M apartments and furnished Short Term apartments.

We are licensed to practice real estate in Michigan and refer business in Colorado and Utah. We are most involved with residential and vacation investments. We will list and sell throughout Michigan, but our MLS resources are limited to W Michigan.

We also offer tools for parents desiring to purchase and sell a home for their student son or daughter. We are most familiar with housing around Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College.