HMS Hickory Management Services - a special services real estate company
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Investment Property Owner

HMS Company Inc. suite of services is now available for new and seasoned investment property owners. Pick the service you need and stay involved with your property to the extent you want. These services are designed to give you options you have not had before. We hope you will consider doing business with us to improve your success, lower your risk and get just what you need and no more. Please look at the options below and call to discuss the one that best fits your business model.

Furnished M2M and Short Term Management

Take advantage of the new and growing market for furnished rentals. We regularly compile market data, subscribe to an aggregator site that merges calendars and opens package opportunities, maintain staff for day to day management and follow up services to turn your unit so you can put the concerns with the daily tasks to bed.


RentChek is perhaps the most sought after offering we make. It is designed to provide very cost-effective rent collection and banking service. Legal notices are sent to the tenant and owner if the rent is not paid. It is essentially a servicing function that we monitor instead of you. You manage your own maintenance and accounting. Legal services are available for further action.


BirdEye service is a camera installation service you monitor on your phone. We do the setup, you use it. Boost the security in around your property with well-placed cameras.


ElectLock is the installation of keypad lock of your choice. One or more programmed and installed. Do away with keys and enjoy ease of entry. Coordinated programming for apartment complexes makes it easy for all tenants to access common areas but maintain the individual access security.


A complete, stand-alone, web-based work order system that offers the best, high end system to manage your work load no matter your business. Compare to any others and see for yourself. Like all web-based products offered by HMS Companies Inc., MaintainWare is a fully supported system where training and consultation is included with your monthly subscription.


This service is a combination of RentCheck and MaintainWare, our web-based maintenance delivery system. This is a highly integrated front and back end system that allows your tenant to send a maintenance request to you in email and records the information in a highly integrated database. You can print a work order for your maintenance person or auto- forward for execution. You can keep track of your work, look back to minimize duplication, and support other tasks like evidence in court. Invoicing, labor timesheets, job costing and efficiency studies are at your fingertips. Choose the level you want to fit your budget.

Certification Services

Let the experienced team at HMS attend the certification inspections and see that the tasks are completed so you get the maximum certification from the city staff. Inspections outside the city are available to report the conditions you should be aware of.

Full Service

Complete management consists of all our professional management staff, the best Web-based marketing Management tools developed by HMS Companies Inc., creative maintenance services and staff, and the full scope of accounting systems. Marketing consists of dedicated staff using multiple, measured advertising vectors and programs designed to maximize the efficiency of your advertising dollars to achieve full occupancy in the face of challenging circumstances.

Landlord supply LLC

Just what you need. That's what we have at our retail location at 1312 S Burdick. You can find the primary new and used parts to make the changes or repairs without the trip to the big box stores. We have lots of wood for repair of historic district homes and buildings and repair windows and screens for you. Call ahead and see what's available.